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September 11, 2014
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January 25, 2015
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Kitchen Makeover


This project began with a broken oven and escalated quickly into a full kitchen facelift.

We were a bit restricted budget-wise so it was lucky that everything, while outdated, was still in good condition. New storage spaces were planned to fit around existing spaces, such as shelves installed above the fridge and a new cupboard and microwave nook created above the oven.

We never had a proper rangehood, just a large cavity that led to a fan in the roof above the stove. So chose a canopy rangehood to feature on the wall in it’s place – removing the overhead cupboards, re-plastering and painting that wall.

The cupboard doors were all pulled off, sanded down and painted in a high-gloss white. The cupboard interiors were also given a sand and fresh coat of paint. They look brand new again!

New tiles were not in the budget and these ones were still in good nick so we just removed the grout and applied fresh stuff.

We did splash out on some new pendant lights to feature above the kitchen bench. These give a modern edge to the space.

A popular trend at the moment is to paint a wall or door in the kitchen with blackboard paint to give a handy space to write shopping lists and a really cool feature. We chose a small wall that is shared with our dining space for such a feature.

All in all we feel we have breathed new life into the space, all without breaking the bank. If you are interested in updating your kitchen space, contact us for a no obligation quote.